NORFOLK PUBLIC HOUSES - A comprehensive listing

NORFOLK PUBLIC HOUSES ....... a listing

Over 5000 houses currently listed
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AIM :- To provide an ever expanding record of all NORFOLK PUBLIC HOUSES and many of their LICENSEES.

The archive is based upon Licence Records, Newspaper articles, Business Records, Sale & Auction documents and Directories.
Many entries may differ from Directories, but this is only where other reliable records prove the directory entry to be out of date or in error.
Where dates are marked * the information giving the landlords name has not specified the name of house, but other sources suggest location with some certainty.
If ** is used then there is some degree of doubt.
Names marked (?) are as transcribed from hand written records and may be subject to correction.
If dates are shown 1854 -1869 then this indicates the spread of directory entries.
Where dates are given as 1854 to 1869 then there is some certainty that the licensee was present over that period.
In some cases the names given may be managers, not the Licensee.

In the lists of licensees, the first date given is the earliest yet found.
Where the date of issue of first licence is known, this will be stated.

The dates of death given may in some cases, be the date of registration of death, rather than the actual day.

Pages are updated on at least a weekly basis.

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