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Poster dating from
1909 Munnings artwork.

Anchor Brewery founded 1837 at St Miles Bridge
by Richard Bullard. ( b 08.02.1808 - d 03.02.1864 )
and James Watts.

Bullard & Watts in 1839
and in 1842 when address given as
Bridge Street, St Lawrence.

Partnership dissolved 24th June 1847

In February 1864 it was announced that in consequence of the death of Richard Bullard the firm would continue as BULLARD & SONS.

Registered as a limited company March 1895
by which time 280 houses were owned and 161 leased.

Telephone No. 5 when first Telephone Exchange
operational in 1888.

By 1950 the number was 20565 ( 2 lines )

Re-introduction c1980

Richard Bullard was sole proprietor from 1847.

His son Harry Bullard took over in 1864 with brothers Charley and Fred as partners.
Trading as Bullard & Sons by 1868
Harry became Sheriff of Norwich 1877.
He was Mayor in 1878, 1879 & 1886 ( Knighted by Queen Victoria 1886 )
Elected as MP for Norwich in 1890 & 1895.

The Annual Outing of staff employed at the Anchor Brewery took place on Friday 21st September 1888.
As on former occasions, the wives of workmen were included in the party and every man was given 3s to pay for tea and extra refreshments. The train fares and dinner were included in the treat.
The assembled party departed in 20 carriages from platform 6 of Thorpe Station 6,punctually at nine o'clock.
Upwards of 700 persons were most liberally and hospitably entertained at Yarmouth by Messrs. Bullard & Son.
Lady Bullard honoured the party by travelling with a large gathering of special friends, in a special carriage.
Free admission was given to Britannia pier. Switchback rides, De Cone's Magical Entertainment and Miss Webb's Swimming Exhibition were available at half price, upon production of his or her rail ticket.
Dinner was at 1:30 at the Aquarium.
Sir Harry Bullard was loudly cheered.
Fred Bullard looked forward to many such outings in future years. ( Cheers.)
The party returned to Norwich, arriving at 10:40pm.

Registered as Bullard & Sons Ltd in 1895 with 
Sir Harry Bullard ( Chairman ), John Boyce and Mr George Coller, directors.

By 1900 the brewery covered some 7 acres.

Expansion :-

Rock Brewery of Eye, Suffolk - 1897

Bidwell & Co, Thetford - 1924

Hogge & Seppings, Setchy - 1928

Youngs, Crawshay & Youngs, Norwich - 1958

The company shared the Morgans Brewery estate with rivals S&P in 1962

Heavily stylized by Watney Mann
in 1960's

1960's report to the Board recorded that the public had preference for the
bottled WATNEY BROWN ALE ( 1035 SG ), because of its sweet palate
over BULLARDS BROWN ALE ( 1039 SG ),
even though at 1/- a bottle the Bullards product was 3d cheaper.

530 licensed houses when taken over by Watney Mann.
( Watney Mann` had purchased over 15% of the company shares' by 1963 )

The Eastern Evening News of 18th October 1966 disclosed that
brewing was to cease at the Anchor Brewery and be transferred to the
old Morgans Brewery in King Street.

The Anchor Brewery buildings were used as a bottling plant until closed 1969
The brewery then covered some 4 acres.

Brewery chimney demolished July 1982.

Brewery buildings converted to private dwellings - Anchor Quay.