St. George's Colegate                 CLOSED
Charles WESTON operated a  brewery in St. Georges from at least the 1780's,
He had taken over the ex-Foyson brewery by 1845 and is credited with owning 32 public houses by then.
He died 15th June 1864 and his estate, including Dwelling House, Brewery and 40 public houses were offered for sale by auction Thursday 18th August 1864.
The whole to be offered for sale in ONE LOT, but failing an acceptable bid the properties would be sold in lots as follows:-
1 The Brewery - St. Georges 27 Buck - Thorpe Village
Crown - St. Georges 28 Ram - Brundall
2 Jolly Butchers - St. John Sepulchre 29 Goat - Strumpshaw
3 Windmill - St Michael at Thorn 30 Kings Head - St. Faiths
4 Lion & Castle - St John Timberhill 31 Crown - St. Faiths
5 Peacock - St Stephen 32 Chequers - Hainford
6 Prince of Orange - St Julian 33 Bird in Hand - Tasburgh
7 Crown - St Benedict 34 White Horse - Ashwellthorpe
8 Queen of Hungary - St Margaret 35 Leather Bottle - Wymondham
9 Builders Arms - St Lawrence 36 Goat - Wymondham
10 Three Turks - St Lawrence 37 Cross Keys - Wymondham
11 Blue Bell - St Gregory 38 Cherry Tree - Seething
12 Boy & Cup (late) - St John Maddermarket 39 Folly - Claxton
13 Fleece - St Andrews 40 Cross Keys - Mattishall
14 Crown - St Peter Hungate Lots 41 to 47 were the Crown Maltings, a Broker's Shop and House, a Draper's Shop and House, Two Cottages in Crown Yard, all in St. Benedict's, an Allotment in Wymondham, a House in Forncett and an Allotment in Forncett.
15 Jolly Hatters - St James
16 Duke of Marlborough - St Edmunds
17 Catherine Wheel - St Augustine
18 Angle - St Martin at Oak
19 Bess of Bedlam - St Martin at Oak
20 Cherry Tree - St George Colegate
21 Hen & Chickens - St. Marys
22 Red Lion - St. Michael Coslany
23 Moon & Stars - St. Michael Coslany
24 Royal Oak - Heigham
25 Half Moon - Heigham
26 Duke of York - Thorpe Hamlet

The estate was purchased August 1864 by established brewers, Messrs Youngs, Crawshay & Youngs.

Lots 1 - 40 purchased by YCY (£15,000) and lot 45, a plot of land at Wymondham (£85). Lots 41, 42, 43, 44, the Crown Maltings in St Benedicts, by Messrs Grout & Co. (£1,965). House and land at Forncett, lots 46 and 47 purchased by Mr. Lloyd (£135)

On Tuesday 13th September 1864 the Entire and Fixed Plant of the St. George's Brewery were to be sold by auction.
Fixed plant comprises cold liquor black, blind with lead ( gauging 75 barrels ), strong open copper ( gauging 98 barrels, 25 quarter mash tun, under tank, 3 inch hop back, with cast iron perforated false bottom, settling back, five coolers, powerful refrigerator ( Gigory's ), refrigerator back, fermenting Square, lined with lead ( gauging 120 barrels ), cleaning back, jigger pump, two brass barred two throw wort pumps, a brass barrel two throw liquor pump, pair of malt crushing cylinders ( 32 by 8in by Samuels & Banbury ), horse wheel, with all the horizontal and a vertical shafting, bands and connections, the hoisting windlass, scalding copper, and all the stout lead pipe, communicating with the backs, tuns, coolers, refrigerators, &c. The sale will commence at 11 o'clock. Catalogues may be had in due time from the auctioneers.
(The sale was advertised in the local newspapers as well as publications in Chelmsford, Grantham, Manchester and other locations)

In October 1864, Youngs & Crawshay offered for sale:-
ALL THE ST GEORGES BREWERY late the property of Charles Weston Esq. deceased
(With the exception of the Crown public-house and the maltings in the rear)
The premises will be divided into three lots, each of which will have considerable river frontage.
Also the CROWN INN in St Benedict's with Stable and Fruiterer shop adjoining (Lot 7 above)
The THREE TURKS in St Lawrence with tenement adjoining (Lot 10 above)
The HALF MOON Cottage and land at Heigham (Lot 25 above)
THE PREMISES (late Boy and Cup) adjoining Messrs Barwells Stores, opposite the Corn Hall. (Lot 12 above)

(The St. George's Brewery, St. George's Middle Street is recorded 1879, then in occupation of Mr. James C. Smith.)

By 1881 the St. Georges Brewery was trading under LORD, SMITH & CARMAN.